About us

EverEx is a team of experienced, young and ambitious logisticians who can guarantee quality and perform work reliably at an adequate price.

A network of transport agents around the world will not leave you in doubt our professionalism for a minute, organizing the best route for your shipments. From the moment the cargo is in the warehouse of our agent until the moment it is delivered to the client, it falls under our responsibility. At the request of the client, the cargo can be delivered to the customs warehouse anywhere in the world or cleared by us and delivered to the recipient.


Choosing EverEx:

You get quality of professional services at reasonable prices. EverEx will always help you choose the most efficient route for your shipment.

You don't need to worry about importing and exporting of your cargo. This process requires specialized skills and knowledge of relationships, ready to make logistics decisions. Therefore, it is better to entrust this work to professionals.

Organization of air, auto, sea, rail and multimodal transportation. Choosing us today - be confident in your tomorrow !


Aga Nematulla str. 19, Baku, Azerbaijan

+994 55 377 9912




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